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Dignity Craft

We are a group of retired seniors from all walks of life interested in handicraft. Our crafts made with love are for sale. Funds raised go towards Dignity Kitchen’s social mission.

Providing Sustainable Long Term Relief

Our micro-enterprise model provides caregivers and young adults with special needs the ability to start small businesses. Through a steady supply of a zero-cost product, the kiosks are a powerful and sustainable way for young adults with special needs to gain basic entrepreneurial skills with supportive caregivers. 

Affordable Books

All books are generous contributions from our patrons, sorted by Dignity Mama staff and priced reasonably.

Encourage Reading

Through our book drop-offs, we hope to encourage a culture of giving and reading among Singaporeans. 

Reduce Waste

At the same time, cultivate a socially-conscious, greener mindset towards unwanted items and abandoned books. 

Located Across Major Hospitals in Singapore

A pilot project that started in 2012, Dignity Mama has now grown to four stalls located in Singapore hospitals. Since then, we’ve kept 50 thousand books out of landfills and instead created employment opportunities for young adults with special needs.

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